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WeDenth dental clinic in Puebla was created to provide you with dental treatments that preserve your oral health. We bring together the best technology and a team of dentists with years of experience committed to give you the smile you have always wanted. We promise to leave the fear of the dentist behind with the best care available in Puebla from start to finish.

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Dental Clinic in the Best Place of Puebla


Dental Clinic WeDenth was created to provide complete quality dental care. We are a team of highly trained and recommended dentists. We are experts in creating dental solutions tailored for you. We assure you pain-free dental treatment, a comfortable dental clinic, with the best dental care and service. You will always have a dentist near you throughout your dental treatment.

Dental treatment
in Puebla


  • Veneers
  • Whitening
  • Smile Design


  • Braces
  • Aligners
  • Invisible Orthodontics


  • Dental Cleaning
  • Resin


  • Dental Implants
  • Fixed and Removable


In this list you will find the main dental treatments at WeDenth dental office. Click on the green links with more information for your dental consultation.

Paciente antes tratamiento de carillas de resinaPacientes después de tratamiento de carillas de resina realizadas en WeDenth


It is certainly a treatment to improve your smile immediately and create your perfect teeth. Dental veneers can be made of porcelain or resin (direct or injected).  Aesthetic dentistry treatment performed by a dental specialist in prosthetics in an oral rehabilitation center. Change your smile now!

Toma de color inicial para blanqueamiento zoomBlanqueamiento con Zoom


Get white teeth in a fast, effective and painless way. Of course, with the best technology for you, cold light laser whitening from the Philips zoom brand, to avoid sensitivity in your teeth.

DISEÑO DE SONRISA POR COMPUTADORAresultado final carillas realizadas en wedenth


Get to see your final result of fixing your smile without touching your teeth. Without a doubt, it is the ideal procedure if you want to see the before and after of your teeth before starting. Therefore, we recommend smile design for aesthetic treatments such as veneers, crowns, crown lengthening, denture design, among others.

Caries Dental antes de ser retiradaresina estetica realizada en wedenth puebla


Treatment against cavities in your teeth with a natural and aesthetic restoration. In addition to being used to cover teeth, aesthetic resin can also be used for changes in anterior teeth.

Protesis Antes de comenzar tratamientoprotesis dentales resultado final realizadas en wedenth puebla


If you are missing a tooth, need to repair one due to fractures or protect your teeth after some deep decay you need to know about dental prosthesis. Best way to get your teeth fixed.  Some dental prosthesis are crowns, implants and removable dental prostheses (removable partial or full plates).

Sonrisa previa a inicio de tratamientoCORONAS FRONTALES y carillas dentales de porcelana


 Restores, protects and replaces missing teeth. Therefore, they can be for a single tooth or for several, forming a dental bridge. They belong to the treatments of fixed prostheses.

sarro o tartaro en dientes antes de limpiezaDespués de limpieza dental en el consultorio


This treatment promotes your dental health and prevents diseases. It is an oral hygiene treatment performed by a dentist or general dentist, where a dental ultrasound is used to remove dental plaque and tartar. To remove deeper tartar, there is deep dental cleaning and to remove difficult stains, air-polishing.

Dientes con desgaste sin guardaDientes con protector bucal realizado en WeDenth


Do you clench or grind your teeth? If your answer is yes, you have a disease name bruxism and need a mouth guard. The mouth guard provides protection in patients teeth to avoid dental fractures and wear. There are two types of guards according to the needs of the patient, these are; protective and therapeutic.

Antes de bracektsResultado de tratamiento de ortodoncia en WeDenth


If you want to align your teeth this is the treatment you are looking for. There are several options depending on your needs. Among them, transparent aligners (orthodontics without brackets), conventional and self-ligating metallic and aesthetic brackets.

This treatment is performed by specialists in orthodontics. We recommend the use of dental retainers at the end of the treatment.


Take care of the health of the little ones in your family. It is recommended at the appearance of the first tooth or at the age of 1 year. The treatments are carried out by an animated dentist specializing in pediatric dentistry or a children’s dentist.

Antes de colocacion de implantesRehabilitacion completa sobre implantes en WeDenth


Are you missing teeth? The dental implant is the best option for you, since it is responsible for replacing missing or recently lost teeth. This treatment is performed by specialists in implantology and oral prosthetics.


Do you need to have a tooth removed or some other surgical procedure? This section includes various treatments such as extractions or extraction of teeth or wisdom teeth, placement of dental implants, crown lengthening among others. Being performed by a doctor specializing in maxillofacial surgery or periodontics.


Do you still have wisdom teeth? Do they annoy you sometimes? If your answer was yes to any of the above, then this is what you need. Wisdom teeth are teeth that are usually in a bad position in our mouth or even usually do not come out of the gum. This tends to cause problems in other teeth and pain, so its extraction is recommended.


It is done to give your tooth a second chance after it was infected by deep decay, trauma, or some bacteria that affected the nerve. This treatment is performed by a dentist specializing in endodontics.


Image to be able to make a correct diagnosis for you. There are different dental X-rays, those that are taken in the clinic and those that are taken in a specialized office such as panoramic X-rays, tomographies and orthodontic studies.


WeDenth´s team of dentist take great care of our patients!

We characterize ourselves as a specialized dental clinic with a high satisfaction rate. We are a private dental group of highly trained dentists (dentists) and dental specialists in Puebla. We are proud of the opinions of our patients and of being the most recommended dentists in Lomas de Angelópolis, Puebla.

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Rodolfo Boone
Rodolfo Boone
15 Agosto 2023
Excelente servicio. Desde la primera cita te explican ampliamente todo el proceso de tu tratamiento. Son muy puntuales para atenderte, el doctor realiza un trabajo muy detallista. Impecables instalaciones y todos son muy amables.
Lucia r
Lucia r
14 Agosto 2023
Me arregle los dientes y la verdad me encanta como quedaron, todos fueron muy amables y pacientes y mi dentista hizo un gran gran trabajo. Lo recomiendo muchísimo para procedimientos estéticos, especialmente blanqueamientos y carillas.
syenni Mendoza
syenni Mendoza
11 Agosto 2023
Excelente servicio! me encantó lo amable que son y me hicieron sentir muy cómoda con los cuidados que tuvieron al realizarme mi tratamiento. También me gusto mucho el consultorio es muy lindo e impecable. Vi en fotos mi antes y después mientras me hacían mi limpieza y me gusto mucho. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.
Edith González
Edith González
31 Julio 2023
Súper buen servicio, muy buena atención y excelente trato, mi hijo estaba muy nervioso, el odontopediatra hizo un gran trabajo para tranquilizarlo, en general muy satisfechos con el resultado. Lo único que cambiaría, es El aroma de la recepción, es bastante fuerte/abrumador.
Landy Morales
Landy Morales
29 Julio 2023
La experiencia es excelente, mi tratamiento ha avanzado mucho, y me encantan los resultados. Además que son muy amables y pacientes. Los recomiendo mucho.
Santiago Ventura
Santiago Ventura
28 Julio 2023
¡Excelente atención y servicio! El personal muy profesional y quedas más que satisfecho con cada resultado. Muy recomendado.
ilse hernandez
ilse hernandez
20 Julio 2023
El servicio es súper bueno desde que llegas hasta que sales , las asistentes y el dr súper capacitados sin duda lo recomendaría 100% la clínica esta súper linda , limpia , tienen todo lo necesario para brindarte un súper servicio.
Manuel Torres
Manuel Torres
18 Julio 2023
Excelente servicio me voy muy contento, atención y servicio de 10

Try it your self, you won´t regreat.


Technology, professional specialists, trained and certified to make your dental consultation comfortable in fewer sessions.


We know that undergoing dental treatment is a challenge for many patients. That is why we promise you constant communication and security during your treatment.


You are in the best hands at WeDenth. Certified specialists are selected through a rigorous process to ensure you the best care.


We know that dental treatment is an investment and that is why we want to help you achieve your goal. We accept all international insurance that work with refunds. All types of payment are accepted; cash, credit and debit cards.

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